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Simulated Politics (and what the Freedom Convoy's success has taught us)

The American Sun: 'In recent days, the Canadian trucker protests have given us a glimpse into the system of simulated politics and the real mechanisms which exist under the surface. Most significantly, the blockade of the Ambassador bridge connecting Detroit Michigan to Windsor Ontario, caused enough disruption to slow and even halt production at Toyota and Ford plants. The bridge carries about $360 million in trade value between the United states and Canada every day. This led to a more decisive reaction from Canadian officials than with other blockades, resulting in mobilization of militarized police and threats of mass arrest for those who remained. There are signs that Covid measures will be rolled back to varying degrees in at least some provinces.

'This result tells us a number of things about the political reality we currently inhabit. While one should not default to a purely materialistic view of political action from our elites, the speed with which they moved to clear the Ambassador bridge shows that, despite the propaganda of the lunatic world order, it cannot exist comfortably without the material conditions provided by the supply chain...

'...The vast majority of people only care about simulated politics, which keep consumption intact. With the trucker protests, we were given a glimpse into the possibility of real political action, but as things stand, a glimpse is probably all we will get.'

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