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Selley: For a cheap and gullible date, call Jagmeet Singh

National Post: 'Earlier this month, Alberta Conservative MP Michelle Rempel-Garner argued in the Western Standard that it was time for Conservatives to abandon their traditional antipathy toward proportional representation. Surely this week’s developments only underscore that. I have long argued that social conservatives in particular are mad not to embrace PR: It’s unlikely they would gain any real power through it, but unlikely is better than impossible. Rempel-Garner expanded the pitch to the party as a whole, though, noting that her party won the popular vote in two successive elections with nothing to show for it — and that natural allies in no-hope Conservative ridings are being left out of the movement.

'“The Conservative Party should not have to rely on (a) split in the left-of-centre vote to win,” Rempel-Garner argued. Indeed, if that split ever healed, the Conservatives might never see power ever again. At the very least, this Liberal-NDP agreement poses some fascinating and worthwhile thought experiments.'

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