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Russia's ghastly government doesn't excuse cruelty to Russian people

National Post: 'War is the time to resist the temptation to generalized interpersonal nastiness; our own history teaches us this with the relentless of a truncheoning. The Russo-Ukrainian war has led western civilization to experiment with concerted economic warfare as a means of intervention, including some sanctions measures that come close to being acts of war themselves under traditional international norms. It is a lot like the political or legal experimentation that COVID-19 brought about under the stress of another poorly anticipated global mess.

'And hostile actions against Russian sporting and cultural enterprises are perhaps necessarily part of this. The Putin regime has spent decades cozying up to Russian celebrities and bestowing funds on chess tournaments and concerts and Formula One races. It cannot be other than legitimate, as our leaders attempt to disconnect Russia from the world economy, to make things like the World Junior Hockey Championships avenues for exhibiting disapproval of the Russian state’s actions. I don’t even mind telling Russian cats to take their ball of yarn and go home, though of course this reveals the margin at which cultural fencing of Russia starts to look a little ridiculous.'

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