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Rex Murphy: Trudeau's wild misuse of state authority

National Post: 'Parliament was supposed to meet to debate the imposition of the act. That got cancelled.

'Justin Trudeau, after invoking the most powerful and sweeping legislation affecting the civil liberties of all Canadian citizens since … well, since the War Measures Act invoked by his father, will not be in Parliament today to engage in debate on it.

'Not even in the pale, restricted, sporadic pretence of a Parliament we have been getting the past two years by Zoom.

'The imposition of the Emergencies Act has been challenged by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. It has had no review by our courts. It all rests on pure assertion by the prime minister, his compliant ministers, and of course his (effective) aide-de-camp, enabler and prime supporter, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh. Do any Canadians remember when we had an NDP party — the “conscience of Parliament” it used to be known as?...

'...Lametti has dragged the entire financial system into this massive and deranged overkill. And his government has made the deeply democratic right to support opposition to a public measure by making a contribution to it, a justification for freezing a citizen’s bank account. For this we sent men and women overseas! For this we gather on the Hill during Canada Day.'

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