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Rex Murphy: The country needs an opposition. Too bad O'Toole's Conservatives seem too gutless...

National Post: "The Conservatives, to put it gently, do not come across as a dedicated, fearless, vital Opposition party, but as a group of people who are perfectly happy standing politely in a queue, in case, you know, the electors might, you know, someday notice them. Most of all, the Conservatives appear nerveless, fearful of differing from the Liberals on very cardinal issues. O’Toole should take a real stand. He should reject bad environmental policies that threaten to put Canadians out of work. He should champion Alberta and the Canadian resource industries in general. He should condemn the carbon tax. He should reject the outsourcing of Canadian energy policies to the mandarins of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the international anti-oil brigades."

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