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Rex Murphy: Should Justin Trudeau be deciding what views are 'acceptable'?

National Post: 'A couple of years ago Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was sending valentines to our noble truckers for keeping Canadians fed through their deliveries. Yet a couple of days before this weekend’s gathering of the aforementioned truckers, who have travelled half of Canada in midwinter, from both directions, to express their concerns and feelings in a peaceful protest, he shoved them to the margins, declaring them a “fringe” and their views “unacceptable.”

'Trudeau, in perhaps his meanest public statement to date, scorned them. He dismissed and derogated their motives. He gave the dismissal in his best “I’m-a-real-leader,” determined voice. His “I-really-mean-it-this-time” voice.

'He described them as “a small fringe minority.” A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, someone once said. But this “small fringe minority” can’t be Canadians. They have “unacceptable views.”

'“Unacceptable views?” Are we in China now?

'Trudeau isn’t Plato. He may even be a few steps down from that high intellect. But even if he were, I’d hold off on the prime minister of a democracy ruling on what is or is not acceptable.

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