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Rex Murphy: Pierre Poilievre draws rock star crowds of people tired of Trudeau

National Post: 'What can account for this phenomenon? I would like to put it down to Pierre Poilievre’s instant rejection of the Trudeau carbon tax — a rejection without equivocation. He promises not to pause it, he is not against it because it is coming at a bad, inflationary, time. He’s just against it. And it does amount to something when any political figure outright and without qualification stomps on the cardinal (useless) pillar of this government’s obsessive global warming fixation. It shows a certain clarity of mind and more than a glint of sanity, neither characteristic overabundant in current politics.

'It is also a signal, which I hope arches into a full beacon, that the war against the western provinces, which is what in effect the global warming crusade amounts to, will end, that the terrific burdens placed on Alberta and western industry by this manic crusade will be lifted.'

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