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Rex Murphy: Justin Trudeau's blind hatred of anti-vaxxers

National Post: "Our leader is a cynic. If the federal government’s COVID response was a model of judicious management, quick response and clear communication, Trudeau might claim some room to stir up animosity and grievance towards resistors or protesters. A model of management or even clear communication, however, it has emphatically not been. It has been clumsy, wrong, slow and contradictory.

"Who left the airports open at the beginning of this plague? Who said barring flights from China was “racist”? Who ordered masks from Communist China? Whose spokesperson said masks were ineffective? Whose spokesperson then said masks were mandatory?

"Who warned against gatherings and then went to a Black Lives Matter protest? Who shut down Parliament, conducted the government of the great nation of Canada, after his breakfast, from the Cottage of the Commons? Who called an election in the middle of the pandemic he was managing?

"And while we’re in this territory: Who gets to call “racist” after being filmed prancing around in blackface four whole times? Who gets to hurl the word “misogynist” after leading a government that tried to sweep sexual misconduct allegations in the Armed Forces under the table?"

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