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Rex Murphy: Invoking the Emergencies Act a desperate attempt to delegitimize the truckers

The Epoch Times: 'The folly which reaches all the way to full idiocy embodied in the statements of our Liberal government’s leadership in their frantic, desperate effort to delegitimize the truckers is, truly and not rhetorically, beyond any I have ever seen.

'Thanks to the Ottawa cowards—who had neither the nerve nor the grace to even talk to the truckers, or to even offer them a small show of respect—a situation that could have, in my opinion, been easily defused and reconciliation found has turned into something else altogether...

'...And if the line is that Canada’s government was about to be “overthrown” by a set of long-haul truckers—among the most amiable people you have ever met, and I have met with many of them—then either their polling is fabulous (in its root sense) or their spinning has made them giddy beyond repair.

'As a consequence, among many consequences, Canada is now being laughed at around the world. As various mandates and COVID restrictions are tumbling like Humpty Dumpty during an earthquake, our woke leader hauls out the Big Bertha of Canadian law.

'There is more than an element of disdain in the folly of this bunch. And more than a touch of “how come these lower class types” think they have a right to come and park near where we grab our lattes, or where we meet in huddles at a favourite high-class steak-house to determine their futures? Most of them are actually, can you imagine it, “not from Ontario?”'

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