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Rex Murphy: How are Alberta and Quebec treated differently? Let me count the ways

National Post: "As a public service I have herein drawn up a concise — some might even say terse — table of the most explicit contrasts between Alberta and Quebec.

There is nothing new here, but as an aid to easy reference and quick digestion it is my hope it will prove of some utility.

• Alberta signed the Canadian Constitution. Quebec did not sign the Canadian Constitution.

• Quebec can amend the Constitution. Alberta cannot amend the Constitution.

• Quebec can import oil from Saudi Arabia. Alberta can export oil from Canada only with great difficulty.

• Quebec is officially unilingual. Alberta is officially bilingual.

• Quebec is a recipient of federal equalization money. Alberta is a giver of federal equalization money.

• In Quebec the federal government does all it can to help that province’s economy. Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. (See SNC-Lavalin.) In Alberta the frequently proclaimed goal of the federal government is to shut down the province’s largest industry, and until that is accomplished, to box in its resources and carbon-tax the living daylights out of them.

• Quebec regularly sends a band of separatist politicians to the national Parliament. Alberta hasn’t started doing that. Yet.

• And the most significant contrast: Quebec is a nation. Alberta is a province (so far).

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