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Rewarding incompetence: Departing councillors eligible for at least $710,000 in severance

Toronto Sun: 'Severance for seven Toronto councillors who have left or are leaving this year could easily top $710,000....

'...Councillors who have not served 12 consecutive years get a pro-rated portion of the severance.

'Councillors are also given an allowance of up to $3,500 for outplacement, transition or retirement counselling if the services are used within one year of severance.

'The record amount of severance paid out for Toronto councillors remains 2018 when almost $2 million went to 26 members of council who left, many because their seat disappeared when Premier Doug Ford cut council nearly in half.'

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 12, 2023

The efficiency and accountability of councilors have been questioned, and many believe that such large sums of money should not be given to those who have failed to fulfill their responsibilities to the public.

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