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Researchers told Trudeau regime that parents are wary of giving clot shots to kids

TNC: 'Canadian parents are hesitant about vaccinating kindergarteners against COVID-19 and resent being made to “feel guilty” by federal regulators, according to in-house research by the Privy Council Office (PCO) obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter on Friday.

'“Participants had a number of questions regarding vaccines,” said the research, called Continuous Qualitative Data Collection Of Canadians’ Views. “Most commonly focused on side effects and potential long-term implications of their use.”

'Health Canada approved the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for children five- to-11 years old in November. About 28% of Canadian children in this age range have been fully vaccinated to date.'

Parents shouldn't give leaky, dangerous, experimental, and ineffective jabs to their kids, whose best bet is natural immunity, and who won't die from the CCP Virus (unless they have more than one comorbidity).

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