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'Remember your oaths': Alberta MLA accused of encouraging police, soldiers to defend our freedoms

CTV News: 'UCP backbencher Shane Getson has been stirring COVID-19 controversy for weeks, including driving his truck in a convoy protest and demanding that Premier Jason Kenney remove restrictions immediately.

'On Monday, he criticized the fact that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the act, as an attempt to deal with trucker protests and blockades across Canada.

'"I hope and pray that our country can still be referred to (as) the 'True North, Strong and Free” when the sun rises tomorrow morning,'" Getson wrote on Facebook.

'"I’ll also ask those in position(s) of law enforcement, as well as military person(nel) to remember your oaths that you have taken, the country that you represent, and the citizens that you are to protect. I want you to consider that, when the orders are delivered to you in the coming days."'

These are the days when Canadian state media and the Globe & Mail equate freedom to extremism. Orwell would laugh, granted our ruling elites have more or less taken up the IngSoc illogic unironically: whereby freedom is slavery, war is peace, ignorance is strength. Of course, in such a failed nation, a decent man such as this, asking police and soldiers not to crush citizens peacefully protesting the tyranny of the federal regime, would be destroyed.

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