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Religious institutions in Iqaluit no longer exempt from property tax

Global News: 'Following the discovery of unmarked graves at former residential school sites and ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to Nunavut’s capital on Friday, the City of Iqaluit has passed a bylaw that could require churches to begin paying property taxes.

'Religious institutions in Canada are generally exempt from paying taxes. Iqaluit’s new bylaw, first proposed by the mayor last year, requires churches and other community groups to apply for tax relief. Applicants must meet a series of strict conditions and the total annual funding available for all groups is capped at $300,000...

'...“It is unfair. It is a kind of revenge, a kind of game,” said Father Daniel Perreault, pastor at Our Lady of the Assumption, Iqaluit’s only Catholic Church...

'...around three quarters of Iqaluit’s population still identifies as Christian, according to Statistics Canada.'

You can bet your ass to qualify for 'tax relief', churches will have to support degeneracy, eugenics, and all the usual criteria for leftist fealty.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 01, 2023

I think government needs to take the action and don't pass this law of paying tax because religious places are just for pray not for making money to pay the taxes.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Oct 19, 2023

Religious institutions in lqaluit, nunavut are no longer exempt from property taxes. This measure was implemented to create a more equitable tax system in the region.

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jone martin
jone martin
Oct 06, 2023

At the beginning of 2023, a new law was passed. there's no tax class for churches in Iqaluit, the motion will be to direct staff to remove the land tax exemption on churches.

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