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Realpolitik: shut down line 5 (and put the ecosocialists out in the cold to reflect)

Western Standard: "So why do I want to see Line 5 shut down?

"I want to see Line 5 shut down because it will hasten the economic reality check voters and decision-makers in North America desperately need.

"Politicians and the majority of the electorate have mentally drifted into an alternate reality where we will be able to shut down all hydrocarbon-based fuel sources without paying a dire economic price for it. They believe renewable sources of energy generation will spring up like daisies once the oil pumps shut down and we will all happily dance down the yellow brick road of a green new world.

"Europe is in the midst of an energy crisis like none we have seen since the 1970s. Germany has gone back to burning coal as an energy source while Great Britain is sourcing natural gas from Qatar. India and China are increasing their coal mining while Russia and Norway are ramping up oil production. Even left-leaning economists are beginning to grudgingly admit the mad rush towards renewable energy sources has been a large contributor to the energy shortage of today."

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