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Read the documents Trudeau tabled in Parliament to justify Emergencies Act

Toronto Sun: 'Among the changes this proclamation makes:

  • All banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are ordered to cease dealing with anyone involved with the protest. This means frozen bank accounts, mortgages, car payments.

  • Bans certain protests. The regulations specifically say that, “A person must not participate in a public assembly,” deemed unlawful by the government.

  • Limits where protests can happen including on private property.

  • Forbids “travel to or within an area” where the government has banned protests.

  • Requires towing companies and other businesses to provide services to the government for the removal and storage of “any vehicle, equipment, structure or other object that is part of a blockade.”

  • Provides fines of up to $5,000 and jail terms of up to five years for anyone found to contravene the new measures.'

'This 14-page document explains the government’s rationale. As Anthony Furey has written, this includes citing a CBC news report to support their claim that there are a lot of foreign donors, which makes this movement a threat to Canada. Why rely on the RCMP, CSIS or any other intelligence agency when you can just cite CBC.'

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