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RCMP statement revealing cowardice prevented officer from ending Portapique massacre memory-holed

SaltWire: 'A Mountie’s statement suggesting that a fellow RCMP officer hesitated to pursue Gabriel Wortman’s replica police cruiser because he was unprepared and afraid has been removed from the Mass Casualty Commission website.

'Commission documents released Thursday go into detail about the encounter between Cpl. Rodney Peterson and the killer on the morning of April 19, 2020.

'Peterson was driving north on Highway 4 en route to Portapique, where 13 people had been killed the night before, when he crossed paths with the gunman at about 9: 48 a.m. The pair were in the community of Glenholme and the killer was heading in the opposite direction.

'Peterson told commission lawyers that he debated what do next. He ultimately decided to turn around and give chase but before doing so drove for another 1.2 kilometres while the gunman drove out of sight. Peterson explained that after deciding to pursue the replica police cruiser, the highway was too narrow to make a quick U-turn so he continued driving north.'

If you're too much of a coward to do your job, then find another job.

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