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Rather than raising wages to attract domestic talent, Liberals opening borders to cheap labor

Canadian Press via Yahoo!: 'The federal government is easing rules on temporary foreign workers in some areas of the economy desperately in need of employees. The changes will allow employers to hire foreign workers for more low-wage jobs, and in areas where the unemployment rate remains high.

'Higher-wage, highly skilled workers will also be able to secure three years of employment eligibility instead of two, which the government says would also give them an easier path to permanent residency. Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough says the changes provide short-term relief for companies struggling to fill vacancies, including some with dwindling pools of available workers.'

Extra to protecting Canadian citizens rather than Big Business, Canada needs to end all subsidies to universities and interest-free student loans. By getting real with students, we'll see more go to where the money is and where they are most needed: the trades.

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