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Quebec email revealing no scientific basis for curfew prompts calls for probes into medical tyranny

The Epoch Times: '“Now we have the proof. It’s a demonstration that the Quebec government throughout those two years acted on the basis not of a stringent justification in regards of the protected and constitutional rights and freedoms, but on a simply opportunistic basis,” Bachand said in an interview.

'“We didn’t even need the email to know that it was based on an irrational premise and an unspeakable premise, and one that took Quebeckers for children and inept people.” ...

'...Meanwhile, the OCLA has consistently opposed lockdown measures as unscientific. In April 2020, lawyer Denis Rancourt issued a 13-page report that said governments across Canada suspended civil rights in a “war [that] was unnecessary and ill-conceived,” without “an evidentiary basis to support general-population lockdown” and when “scientific expert reports [say] lockdown causes significantly more cumulative CVOID-19 deaths.”

'Hickey says Quebec and other jurisdictions need to provide more answers.

'“Canadians should remember that these policies were extremely serious, very harmful to many people. They should demand accountability, they should demand investigations, and they should demand mechanisms to make sure that these kinds of draconian policies are not implemented in the future without any basis,” he said.

'“It’s been [a] huge travesty of science, what has happened over the past two years, and we need to correct that for the way forward somehow.”

'In his capacity with the Justice Centre, Bachand has filed an application for judicial review in Quebec Superior Court on behalf of the Baptist Church of Saint Augustin and its pastor, Rev. Guillaume Roy, against the Quebec government’s decision to mandate vaccine passports in places of worship. He says he has more hope for the courts than public inquiries.

'“In the course of those legal actions, public officials will be examined. They will be under oath and they will be forced to answer,” Bachand said.'

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