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Propagandists buttressing socialist dictatorship: don't call people socialists or dictators

State Media: 'In the long run, these effects can weaken the very fabric of democracy. If we lose the ability to distinguish between an unpopular democratic leader and a dictator like Vladimir Putin, or between state-funded childcare and a centrally-planned economy, we risk losing sight of the value of discourse and debate in a pluralist liberal democracy, and the vital importance of defending it.'

The CBC is the propaganda wing of the Liberal party, and as always, it is working ardently to prop up Trudeau and his cronies. Trudeau is a dictator. His inborn cowardice and incompetence might make him a petty and a weak dictator, but that does not diminish the fact that he is an ideologically-possessed and corrupt authoritarian who rules by fiat, tramples human rights, and frequently runs roughshod over the will of the people. Much of his policy is socialist in nature (consider Shafaraevich and Mises' analysis in 1980 and 1922, respectively)...

That someone at the CBC (in this case a leftist academic from the socialist coast) would demand we be more careful with our words--particularly "socialist" and "dictator"--is amusing, granted the same propaganda outfit told us only a few weeks ago that peaceful working-class protesters were somehow Nazis (a type of socialist!) and insurrectionists, and that our words rightly apply. In this world where we are also told men can be women and women men--where math is racist and punctuality is apparently a white supremacist trait--we shouldn't expect anything more from the servants of dictators and socialists.

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