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Pride Virus: World Health Org. advises gay men to limit number of partners to slow disease spread

Sky News: 'The World Health Organisation (WHO) is advising gay men to limit their number of sexual partners in an effort to slow the spread of monkeypox. Worldwide, there have been more than 18,800 cases of the disease which has claimed the lives of five people. About 10% of cases are admitted to hospital to manage the pain caused by the disease and the WHO has declared the outbreak a global health emergency.'

98% of those with monkeypox are gay men. The other 2% are those gay men have infected, including a few children in the USA and so-called 'trans-women.'

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Peter Bately
Peter Bately
May 23

The World Health Organization advocates for gay men to limit their number of partners as a preventive measure to cure the spread of diseases.

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Oct 30, 2023

The monkeypox disease is spreading world widely and all of the people must need to follow these precautions to save themselves from monkeypox.

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