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Pot calling the kettle black: Freeland calls Poilievre 'economically illiterate'

The Star: 'Without directly naming Poilievre, Freeland blasted his criticisms of the Bank and its governor, using the same words that Poilievre used in a tweet where he called the institution “financially illiterate.”

'“At this time of global economic and political volatility, undermining Canada’s fundamental institutions — very much including the Bank of Canada — is highly irresponsible, not to mention economically illiterate,” Freeland told the Bay Street audience. Freeland said that “while fighting inflation is the central bank’s job, good government policy can make it easier by tackling the supply constraints which are driving the rise in prices.”'

Freeland is a mental defective who thinks that printing billions of dollars to buy off prospective voters is a good way to tackle inflation. Never mind Keynes or the Austrian School, it's clear this Bandera fangirl doesn't even understand Modern Monetary Theory. She's incompetent and doing her best to ruin Canada...Perhaps she's auditioning for the head of the Liberal Party.

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