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Pope arrives in Canada to apologize for crimes thought up by revisionists & grievance industry

National Post: 'Pope Francis is en route to Canada to embark on what he describes as a “penitential trip” aimed at reconciliation with Indigenous people for the Catholic Church’s role in residential schools.

'First Nations leaders in Alberta said they expect the Pope’s presence to open old wounds for Indigenous people and mental health counsellors will be at the sites. But they also hope the visit will be a step toward reconciliation.

'“We are here with you and we are supporting you,” Louis Bull Tribe Chief Desmond Bull told survivors last week.'

It is unclear if the Pope will apologize for housing and feeding kids whose parents couldn't care for them; for providing literacy to Indigenous peoples; and to helping modernize people who'd otherwise be left behind; for providing education on the state's behalf. The pope might also apologize for the gift of Western Civilization; for condemning slavery in the 5th century and reiterating that condemnation in the 15th century; for funding and generating the world's greatest art; for the birth of science via scholasticism and as a result of its promotion of the belief in a rational creator; for saving 750,000 Jews from the Nazi death machine; for condemning eugenics while the founder of the NDP and the majority of Western elites celebrated the sterilization of 'undesireables', the culling of 'unwanted populations', and experimentation on what we now regard as the 'neurodiverse persons'; for saving Europe from the Saracens; for developing in its monasteries modern accounting and via its crusaders western commerce; et cetera.

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