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Political persecution: Ottawa city councilor demands seizure of truckers' GoFundMe donations

The Post Millennial: "This morning I have asked the city manager and city solicitor to immediately launch court proceedings targeting the millions of dollars in funds frozen by GoFundMe so Ottawa taxpayers are not left holding the bag for these protests."

Mathieu Fleury wants to penalize people who advocate for the restoration of the Charter and their freedoms. Mathieu Fleury would never think of extorting Idle No More or BLM protesters for cash to pay for their right to protest, but wants to seize the money raised by the Freedom Convoy.

Mathieu Fleury may not be the cause of Canadians' problems, but he's certainly a symptom: of an elite ruling class detached from the day-to-day life of hardworking people, keen to maintain its power and status while keeping a firm boot on the throats of reasonable dissenters.

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