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Pierre Poilievre proposes ban on clot shot mandates

Life Site News: 'The act is called “An Act to prevent the imposition by the federal government of vaccination mandates for employment and travel,” and is listed as bill C-278. He tabled the motion during a morning session in parliament on Thursday.

'“Mr. Speaker,” he said, “today I’m taking another step to give Canadians back control of their lives.”

'The proposed bill “would ban the government from imposing vaccine mandates as a condition of travel or employment.” If the bill were to pass, “the government would no longer be able to require federal workers to get vaccinated in order to keep their paychecks and jobs.”

'He added, “In other words, it would allow all Canadians regardless of their personal medical decisions to continue to work in the federal sector or travel on trains, places and other federally regulated modes of transportation regardless of whether they are vaccinated.”'

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