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Petty authoritarian Justin Trudeau warns of democracies' slip towards authoritarianism

Red State: 'In a recent speech, he gave a bizarre and revealing rant on “democracy” in which he suggested that it is anti-democratic for a government to not censor free speech.

'I find this incredibly revealing and instructive, not just about Trudeau’s asinine, authoritarian views, but also about how the distortion of “democracy” has become so pervasive throughout the West. It is completely Orwellian to suggest that it is “authoritarian” for countries to not centrally control the flow of information, dictating what people can or can’t say under the guise of stopping “misinformation.” Yet, that view has become orthodoxy among the world’s elites.

'I use the term “elites” for a reason because these are people who truly believe they know best and have a moral right to rule over their subjects. They justify doing so by claiming that the democratic system itself is at stake if they aren’t granted such absolute power. According to them, if the rubes are allowed to protest and share memes on Facebook, the entire world order might collapse, and if it takes a little tyranny to ensure their cush positions in society intact, so be it. Go read a few articles on the World Economic Forum’s website if you want an idea of how insanely totalitarian these people are.

'The manipulation occurring is a sight to behold, and we’ve seen the same thing with proclamations about “democracy” in the United States. Democrats continue to make the argument that if the country’s elections aren’t federalized, allowing the legalization of ballot harvesting and outlawing of voter ID (among many other ridiculous provisions), our “democracy” will simply cease to exist. Again, it’s completely Orwellian to claim that democracy can only exist in a system rigged for one-party rule by a centralized government, but the pursuit of power is the point, not logical consistency.'

The same authoritarian statist who purchased the loyalty of the corporate Canadian news media with YOUR money, is working on regulating everything done and said online, who proscribes speech, and who will crush peaceful protests if he doesn't agree with the sentiment expressed, is now warning against the slippage towards authoritarianism. What a complete mental deficient.

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