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Petite tyrant Justin Trudeau faces fallout after crushing working-class protest

MSN / AP: 'Approval among Canadians about the Trudeau-led Liberal Party is near a 12-month low as of last week, according to polling from Ottawa-based Nanos Research. A separate Nanos poll, gathered after Mr. Trudeau cleared a nearly monthlong trucker-led demonstration that had choked the capital, indicates almost half of Canadians say their impressions of the prime minister had worsened during the protest, which called for the end of Covid-19 restrictions.

'The prime minister has recently drawn criticism from many Canadians, and even members of his own Liberal caucus, for what they say were polarizing and dismissive comments toward those who disagree with his tough public-health measures during the Covid-19 pandemic....

'Mr. Trudeau’s characterization of the protesters drew criticism from members of the public and even from Mr. Trudeau’s own caucus. Joël Lightbound, a lawmaker from Quebec and a member of the governing Liberal Party, said his government’s approach on Covid-19 started out as positive and unifying but shifted as the 2021 election drew closer “to one that stigmatizes and divides people.”

'The Angus Reid Institute, a Vancouver, British Columbia-based polling organization, said polling in mid-February indicated 65% of survey respondents say Mr. Trudeau’s remarks targeting protesters worsened a tense situation. A separate poll, done in late January, indicated 45% said the country had a flawed system of government, and 59% suggested the government in Ottawa wasn’t pursuing policies that mattered to them.

'“Trudeau once distinguished himself with the ability to effortlessly communicate via feel-good symbols and imagery. He now unabashedly, unapologetically doubles and triples down on the politics of inflammation,” said Shachi Kurl, president of the Angus Reid Institute.'

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