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Patriot James Topp to face court martial over clotshot-mandate opposition

TNC: 'The Canadian military is gearing up to have Warrant Officer James Topp court martialed for speaking out against Covid vaccine mandates.

'According to Topp’s lawyer, Phillip Millar, the beleaguered soldier will have the opportunity to present his case before a military court.

'Initially the Canadian Armed Forces rejected Topp’s request for a court martial claiming it would pass internally through the chain of command instead.

'The decision comes less than a week after Topp arrived in Ottawa having marched across the country in protest of pandemic measures.'

Remember: fascism is what you get when the state centralizes as much power as possible, and then co-opts the military, the media, corporations, etc. Trudeau is a fascist and James Topp is just another one of his political victims.

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