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Ontario monitoring epidural shortage in Western Canada, hospitals making plans

Global News: 'There are concerns right now in Canada and around the world due to a worldwide shortage of epidural kits used to treat pain in childbirth, but also for pain relief during or after various surgical procedures.

'“An epidural is part of really multi-modal options for pain management in labour and the discussion about an epidural happens throughout the entire pregnancy with the patient’s provider, whether that’s an OBGYN like me, a family physician or a midwife … and it is absolutely a patient’s choice,” said Hawkins.

'The Ontario Ministry of Health is watching the situation unfold in other Canadian provinces where there are shortages in the availability of epidural catheters due to supply chain issues.'

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Larry Martin
Larry Martin
Nov 03, 2023

These devices are necessary in hospitals to avoid pre and post birth pains government should take necessary steps to make the availability of these devices in every hospital.

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jone martin
jone martin
Oct 09, 2023

According to the survey, Epidural Catheters are currently reported as a medical device shortage. As I know your blogs are fully updated and provide accurate information.

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