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Not hopeless after all: Most Quebecers favor oil and gas development: Ipsos-MEI poll

The Suburban: More than half of Quebecers favour the development of the province’s own oil and gas, says an Ipsos poll commissioned by the Montreal Economic Institute think tank and conducted at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

'“With recent international events highlighting the importance of guaranteeing the energy security of Western countries, more than half (52%) of Quebecers think that their province should develop its own oil resources rather than importing all the oil it consumes, while just 28% are opposed to this and 20% are undecided,” says an MEI statement.

'“Not only is Quebec sitting on substantial reserves of oil and natural gas, but the demand for hydrocarbons in foreign markets is growing and will remain significant for several decades to come. Quebecers want to seize this opportunity.”

'The Ipsos poll said this result “represents an increase of nine points compared to last year — bouncing back after 2021’s decrease.”'

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