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Neocons, neolibs, and NATO inch us closer to war with Russia

American Greatness: "Why wage a war to advance interests not our own? ask paleoconservative patriots like Pat Buchanan and Tucker Carlson. The question, alas, is a non sequitur, as it is incorrectly premised on the false notion that the United States government and Department of State conduct foreign policy in the interest of the American people. The assumption of congruity between U.S. foreign policy and the interests of the American people is utterly false.

"No such congruity exists. U.S. statecraft is driven, first, by the arrogance of power and delusions of ideological superiority, as well as by self-serving elite concerns. The U.S. ruling interests to prevail are those of “The Blob” (the permanent foreign policy establishment), military industrial complex, a media also engaged in expedient myth-making instead of news reporting, crooked corporate elites, and a sanctions-giddy U.S. Congress, in which there are currently no pro-détente thinkers (nor thinkers, for that matter)."

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