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Michael Taube: Pierre Poilievre is the obvious choice to lead Conservatives if O'Toole gets the boot

National Post: "Former Conservative minister Peter MacKay could choose to jump back in. Former Conservative interim leader Rona Ambrose isn’t bound by a promise not to run when she held that position. Ontario PC Premier Doug Ford has expressed some previous interest in running federally. Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis put up a good showing against O’Toole, MacKay and Sloan. Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman has barely set foot in the House of Commons, but she could be an interesting choice.

"My preference would be for Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre. I’ve known him since he was an intern in Jason Kenney’s office, and have watched him turn into a political tour de force in this country. He’s intelligent, talented, experienced and media savvy. He has youth on his side, and a young family. He knows how to sell the party and his political brand as well as anyone I’ve seen in recent years.

"Some people believe that Poilievre is a political ideologue and pitbull on certain issues. He’s certainly the former, which isn’t a bad thing when you’re trying to sell the positive aspects of Conservative ideas to a national audience. As for the latter, passion and creative language is part of his political messaging style, and he does it superbly."

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