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Mental gymnast Jack Todd calls peaceful Ottawa protest an 'invasion'

In the National Post, Jack Todd castigated any fair-minded person who might paint the Freedom Convoy in a positive light.

"They invaded our national capital, screamed racist and sexist insults at anyone who crossed their path who wasn’t white and male, parked where they pleased , blocked streets — and intimidated workers at a homeless shelter until they were given meals intended for the homeless."

Jack Todd clearly wasn't paying attention to anything except for CBC panels and his own mental projections.

I imagine when Canadians vote their interests, Jack Todd would regard them as 'white supremacists' 'invading' the voting booth; if they contest propaganda taught their children in schools, parents would be 'invading' the parent-teacher meetings; and should anyone champion the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in Parliament, they'd no doubt be some -ist 'invading' the Hill on behalf of all the hard-working people Jack Todd might similarly smear.

It seems as though Jack Todd invaded the National Post and Montreal Gazette with bad faith arguments and more statist propaganda.

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