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Mendicino, liar & lackey for Trudeau regime, is getting 'panic buttons' after seeing mean Tweets

State Media: 'MPs are being given panic buttons to increase their personal security in response to threats and rising concerns about harassment of Parliamentarians.

'Among the measures being rolled out to boost protection for MPs are panic buttons, or "mobile duress alarms." MPs can carry them around to immediately alert the Parliamentary Protective Service or local police for a rapid response.

'In a presentation to Liberal MPs about new security measures, the sergeant-at-arms strongly recommended that they keep their panic buttons with them "at all times."'

Politicians should be afraid of the citizenry or at the very least should feel a strong sense of responsibility, which like it or not is oftentimes coupled with fear—if not of consequence then of falling short. But Mendicino, like the rest of the Liberals & NDP hacks, wants to be as far removed from those they govern as possible. (That's precisely why the Freedom Convoy was so threatening: the Canadian People demanded change in-person and nearby where these cretins conduct their corrupt affairs.) This postcitizen working ardently to turn us all into precitizens wants not only a button to silence you, but a button to indicate his displeasure at even the most benign criticism from the public.

So Mendicino, rather than admitting to be a fraud and a liar, rather than admitting that Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act simply to crush a peaceful working class protest whose arguments he disagreed with and whose reasonable demands he thought threatening to his power, is now trying to change the narrative with the help of the same State Media that you, the taxpayer, have paid for.

Mendicino saw mean Tweets so now he needs a panic button.

The ruling elite should panic, because this present regime's time is about over. They will be booted out of power in short order, God willing, and some semblance of the Canada so many love will be restored.

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