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Men younger than 55 years less worried than others; less willing to stay home or wear a mask

Angus Reid: 'A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds half of Canadians expressing worry over potential illness. Those over the age of 54 carry much more of the weight of anxiety. Seven-in-ten (68%) among this age group say they’re concerned about getting sick, while fewer than half of those aged 18- to 34-years-old (43%) and 35- to 54-years-old (44%) say the same. This concern manifests itself in widely divergent behaviours and attitudes toward COVID-19.

'Overall, half of Canadians (46%) say they have proceeded with caution in recent months, either avoiding community events (33%), cancelling plans with friends or family (25%), or taking a rain cheque on international (17%) or domestic (16%) trips. Further, if a seventh wave is formally declared in their province (it has been in Quebec, Ontario, and B.C. already) seven-in-ten say they will adjust accordingly by doing less in public or staying closer to home. This is not, however, the case for younger people, and particularly men younger than 55.

'For this group, fewer than two-in-five say they would be willing to wear a mask more often or avoid crowded spaces if cases continue to rise and a seventh wave is formally acknowledged in their province. At least 55 per cent of all women, as well as men older than 54 say they would take these two steps to mitigate the risk of infection to themselves and others.'

If you're afraid, stay home. Don't cite your irrational fears as cause to infringe upon the ability of the rest of us to live our lives.

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