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Medical tyranny: judge bans Ottawa mother from advising son against clot shot

National Post: If you want to warn your kids about the experimental vaccines everyone wants to jam into their arms--the same vaccines giving people strokes, heart inflammation, and killing others; the same vaccines that are proven to precipitously wane in effectiveness, and pale in efficacy to natural immunity which is 16-32x more powerful--then the government will intervene.

In the case of one kid with divorced parents, the father in question is a lemming, and the mother wary about the impact of the vaccine on a kid WHO DOESN'T NEED IT. Check out the BCCDC's data, showing not a single kid under the age of 21 has died from the CCP Virus (i.e. COVID-19). Kids have, however, been having adverse reactions to the jab. The government, of course, ruled on the side of the father.

"The parents share custody of the boy and decision-making. The boy’s father petitioned the court for sole decision-making authority when it came to getting his son vaccinated. The mother opposed the motion and retained Dr. Mary E. O’Connor, who wrote a supporting letter saying the boy should not be vaccinated because he has asthma, the vaccine is experimental and there’s no evidence of benefits to children."

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