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LPC/NDP want border agents to have access to your bank, legal & health records + search history

Toronto Sun: Wells: 'If the federal government gets its way, your fatigue could give border agents a “reasonable general concern” – a made-up standard allowing them to pull you aside without cause and search your emails, browsing and search history, banking, legal or health records and anything else stored or accessible on your phone, tablet or laptop.

'Or maybe you’re travelling with only a carry-on bag, or perhaps you have three checked bags. These, too, could trigger a “reasonable general concern.”

'Bill S-7 is a government bill introduced in the Senate to amend the Customs Act. It’s supposed to clarify the circumstances under which border officers can search documents and files stored on your digital devices.

'Instead, it invents a shallow search standard that gives border officers a free hand to root through your most private and personal information – including documents that might be stored online, in the cloud or attached to remote email servers.

'It would legalize the routine, arbitrary and indiscriminate violation of our Charter right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizure, and it is virtually guaranteed to be the subject of lengthy court challenges – unless the federal government is willing to accept the amendments that I and my colleagues on the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence and agreed to in the Senate have made to this bill...' Full article HERE.

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