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LPC kakistocrats want to continue destroying Canada from the comfort of their mansions

National Post: 'The Liberals are looking to keep Parliament by Zoom call in place for another year, with a motion to extend the hybrid House of Commons to be introduced this week.

'Liberal House leader Mark Holland announced the government’s plan Monday morning, as the House of Commons enters its final week before breaking for the summer.

'He said the hybrid Parliament, where MPs can appear in person or via videoconference, made Parliament work during the pandemic and it might be important to keep around. As an example, he said five MPs, including the prime minister, had COVID-19 in just the past week and otherwise would not have been able to participate in debates and votes.'

The Liberals and the NDP are really leaning into their caricature as remote, detached, and indifferent elitists. This is the keyboard class that characterized working-class Canadians who must physically turn up to work to ensure the country functions as 'racists', 'misogynists', and a 'fringe minority'. These kakistocrats, who'd like to continue to ruin the nation from the comfort of their mansions, are the same making Canadians' lives unbearable.

Represent: "to serve as the type or embodiment of". To represent the Canadian people properly, politicians need to be physically present. If they refuse to show up to work to represent the Canadian people, then they should be unseated.

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