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Looking through transition lenses: 'What nobody told me about transition, but should have'

TNC: Aaron Kimberly: 'Instead of being honest about the connection between sexuality and gender dysphoria, we’ve come up with a language of liberation that confuses the reality: 78 genders, each with its own neo-pronoun. Biological sex as a construct of “white colonizers.” Trans men are men. Everyone has a “gender identity,” or mysterious “gendered soul.” That’s not the truth.

'Rather, it’s a series of politically motivated academic ideas about gender as a performance, and the “queering” of categories, that has obscured the truth and the important research about gender dysphoria.

'Gender is now a political movement, one that hasn’t helped people like me. Those ideas made my gender dysphoria worse.

'If young kids exhibit intense opposite-sex social mirroring, they’re probably gay and are expressing a natural gay trait. Eleven studies to date show that 60-90% of kids with gender dysphoria resolve it by adolescence. There’s no need to steep them in Queer Theory or tell them they have the brain of one sex and the body of another. Just love them and leave them alone. Create space for them to be themselves....'

Progressives are mutilating gays and convincing them they're trans.

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Citation Moving Marvels
Citation Moving Marvels
Feb 06

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