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Live Not By Lies and the Croatian prophet of totalitarianism

Crisis Magazine: "Where evil is clearly manifested, resistance more often grows spontaneously. Where the illusion of good reigns, many will not recognize the evil behind that misperception. As Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World, remarked after reading 1984, a novel by his informal successor George Orwell, the tyranny of the future will not be based on the threat of violence, but on the manipulation of pleasure. Or, as we can see in todayʼs situation, on the promise of physical health.

"Just as the core of the Yugoslav regime was hidden by cheap concessions to the people, that is also the case with the ideology of progressivity in the modern West. Today, our passive fellow citizens are not bought with a crumb of freedom but with popular culture, narcotics, and sexual apps. In communist Yugoslavia, where “socialism with a human face” ruled, unlike Czechoslovakia, there were no secret cells of Catholic believers. Luckily, the role of the main enemy of the regime was taken over by the Catholic Church.

"But what when the institutional Church fails; moreover, when its influence, as today, vanishes? Then the only resistance can be offered by the laity. Poglajen was aware of that. Let us not allow the new totalitarianism with a “human face” to deceive us again."

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