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LILLEY: Calling Poilievre a white supremacist over use of 'Anglo Saxon' disgusting and laughable

Toronto Sun: 'White supremacists don’t tend to marry Latina women and then put them on stage to introduce them if they’re trying to attract racist voters. All this to say, if Pierre Poilievre is a racist or white supremacist, he’s a very bad one.

'The attacks on Poilievre have gone from anything based on policy to the absurd. A certain Globe columnist has compared him to French far-right and anti-immigrant politician Marie Le Pen without any merit. The lazy journalists and columnists will simply reach for the Trump reference.

'I’m not against criticizing Poilievre based on his actual policy or his demeanour and actions – and I’ve done that recently – but the idea that he is dismissed as a racist or anti-immigrant while ignoring his personal life is beyond the pale.

'There was a significant section in the interview with Peterson where Poilievre described much of the media. My colleagues at other outlets may not like what he has to say but based on their actions, they may want to watch that part and reflect on how they cover him.

'It will be uncomfortable for them, but also revealing.'

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