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Leftist Canadian judge rules federal Liberals can discriminate against citizens who oppose eugenics

Updated: Oct 26

CTV News: "A Federal Court judge has found it was reasonable for Ottawa to require applicants to its summer-jobs program to declare themselves in support of abortion rights in order to get funding. In a decision Friday, Justice Catherine Kane dismissed a legal challenge to the federal government from Toronto Right to Life as well as its former president and a student who'd hoped to work at the organization."

TL;DR: It's getting bad up north. To receive government grants—which are sourced by tax-payer-dollars—summer camps (including groups that assist battered women, orphans, and other benign, non-partisan causes, including those run by religious groups, including but not limited to Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish orgs) MUST sign a pledge indicating they are pro-abortion and support a woman's choice to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Note: in Canada, there are zero limits on abortion, meaning signing this pledge is a committal to support choice up to an on the verge of delivery (i.e. partial-birth abortion / infanticide).

TTL;DR: In Canada, if you do not commit your support to eugenics, you are ineligible for government grants.

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