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King Murphy: Liberal ineptitude reaches a new low with the great passport drought

National Post: 'Now if Chrystia Freeland or any other in the high altitudes of Liberal leadership needs a real bragging point about a government that truly cares, they’ve got it, right here and right now.

'Name any other country — let’s keep it to the G20 crowd — that issues emergency tenders for chairs (with lumbar support and pre-assembled) when their citizens have to camp out overnight to get a passport. Can’t be done. (Because every other government can actually issue passports without requiring citizens to camp out.)

'What other government has so caring a conscience over the lineups its own incompetence has necessitated that it sends out staff, as noted by Social Development Minister Karina Gould, to provide water for those waiting in line and offer “additional facilities including restrooms.” ...'

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