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King Murphy: Leave it to Trudeau to find a way to make air travel worse than it already was

National Post: '...Normally, this process is so uncomplicated that most people are able to figure it out on their own. But with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s airport regime — for it is his government that has stubbornly kept these decrepit rules in place — the airlines feel they have to provide a manual for the experience. It is very annoying and twice as officious....

'...Why is the government still clinging to these mandates? Why are the unvaccinated still forbidden to travel by air in their own country? Why are airport authorities themselves not condemning their singular obligation to enforce these useless and self-contradicting rules? How much damage are they doing to business and tourism?

'For those who do it frequently, even before the pandemic, going to airports and flying in and out of Canada was one of the most miserable of modern experiences — summed up in the slogan so many passengers are familiar with: “We’re not happy, till you’re not happy.”

'Singling out air travellers as the only people who these cursed mandates still apply to adds another layer of misery to something that is as far removed from joy as the mind allows and a mean government can supply.'

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