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King Murphy: A compassionate government would kill its carbon tax right now

National Post: 'And the political class is exuberant to the point of delirium, that years of blocking pipelines, harassing the oil and gas industry, demonizing fossil fuels and promoting various and mightily subsidized green energy — plus latterly Vladimir Putin’s frolics in Ukraine — have turned oil into a precious commodity, and made prices at the pump for the ordinary Canadian an investment second only to the mortgage he or she cannot get.

'The inflationary rise of gas and other fuels, diesel in particular, as all know comes on top of the government-imposed carbon taxes that have been the official instrument of making every visit to the gas pump such a trial. The entire philosophy behind carbon taxes was and is to price gasoline and home heating fuels and diesel out of the reach of ordinary people, to — forgive the verb — drive them to “alternate” sources of energy, which we do not yet have.

'Our green-soaked politicians across the land and in Ottawa will not be trimming their travel, by limousine, or in the PM’s case by the Canada-criss-crossing government jet....'

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