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Is Jagmeet Singh a Liberal mole?

National Post: Pankratz: 'His most notable recent accomplishment was arguably his ill-fated attempt to shill for a rocking-chair company on Instagram. Or perhaps it was his supply and confidence deal with the Liberals, if he really is some sort of double agent.

'Regardless, Singh’s continued popularity and lack of scrutiny remain mystifying. Chosen as leader at a time when the NDP had over 40 seats, Singh has managed to win no more than 25 in either the 2019 or 2021 elections. A drop of over 40 per cent in a party’s seat count should result in any leader being shown the door, but Singh has skated freely on.

'The poor electoral results should be seen as a logical result of the NDP message under Singh, which has taken one of two forms: first, a poorly branded, bargain discount photocopy of ideas the Liberals are already implementing; and, second, fringe lunacy that any sane Canadian immediately recognizes as unrealistic electioneering and pandering to an extremist base.'

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