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Inside a luxury 15,000 Sq Ft underground nuclear fallout bunker

Newsweek: 'The house was built in the mid '70s by businessman Girard "Jerry" Henderson as a nuclear fallout shelter for him and his family, and it definitely brought back memories from that era. I remembered cowering under my school desk while nuclear drills happened. About once a month the air raid siren would go off and the teacher would instruct us kids to get down under the desk and put our head into our hands...

'...The land the property is underneath is right in between a commercial and residential area. On the surface, there's a normal-looking Spanish-style tiled roof house. But you go into that house and instead of a living room, you see a hallway and at the end of that, to the left, there is an elevator downstairs. You travel 26 feet down and when the doors open again you walk out into this huge underground space. The house on the surface is about 2,500 square feet, but the underground space is almost 15,000 square feet. If you imagine a single storey ranch style home, that's what the property looks like. There's even a one bedroom guest cottage off to one side, and a swimming pool in the yard. The main underground house actually has front, side and back yards. It's not a rabbit warren, it's a house with "outside" space.

'The main house has a lounge area, a bar, a dining area, two bedrooms with en suites, and there is an additional guest bath as well. Then, off to the side in the yard is the guest cottage which is about 700 square feet; it's a separate little one bedroom apartment with a bathroom...'

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