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Inflation, empty shelves consequences of Trudeau policies

Hamilton Spectator: "I’m on the Transport Committee of Parliament. What’s happening to our truckers and the supply chain backlog is of great concern to Conservative MPs on the committee. It’s also an issue that has been raised by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) repeatedly.

"On Jan. 5, our Conservative transport Critic Melissa Lantsman wrote to the federal transport minister seeking answers and urging accommodations for Canada’s trucking industry to protect our supply chain. Almost 70 per cent of the $648 billion Canada-U.S. trade is moved by truck.

"The CTA estimates that Canadian fleets are bracing for a 10 per cent to 20 per cent reduction in drivers.

"Trudeau’s policies are leaving us with empty shelves and driving up the cost of everything.

With all the economic headwinds Canada is facing, the federal government needs to get spending under control, end the cycle of lockdowns and fix the supply chain backlog."

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