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'In this fight, Trudeau is George Wallace'

Breitbart: 'When you boil down why Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. won the battle for civil rights, it’s because he was right, and by right, I mean morally right...

'...How far is Adolph Trudeau willing to go to enforce unjust laws that discriminate and violate human rights? That’s the question this glorious Freedom Convoy is forcing him to answer.

By any measure, Trudeau’s vaccine mandates are indefensible. Trudeau’s dehumanizing rhetoric against the unvaccinated (or those who support the vaccine and oppose mandates) is monstrous. Trudeau’s willingness to practice open segregation against people over personal medical choices is tyrannical.

'What Democrat Gov. George Wallace was to the civil rights movement, Justin Trudeau is to the Freedom Convoy.'

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