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Implanted microchips are helping push the transhumanist agenda of the World Economic Forum

Life Site News: 'The possibility of microchips in vaccines, for example, was bandied about as a possible nefarious plot by globalist pyschopaths who want to monitor our every move. While we have not reached that point – yet – there is a striking new development in micropchip technology that is proving the “conspiracy theorists” correct.

'A company called Walletmor has released a microchip product that can be implanted under your skin and used as a way to make contactless payments.

'The London based company has said that the implants are “safe” and that the incision necessary to make the payments is only millimeters long. Now, it may be true that the physical presence of a small electronic device in your body will not necessarily harm your health – small GPS locators are implanted in pets, for example. However, there are other areas of concern to consider, such as matters of privacy, surveillance, and ultimately the encouragement of transhumanist ideals.'

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